how to make money on youtube without ads

how to make money on youtube without ads

In fact, like selling something, of how to make money on youtube without adscourse the poster + photo category is the most worth selling, because the production cost is relatively cheap, like a combined poster or some other single photos, there are expensive prices on the Internet, and each price is at It's about one hundred yuan, and it's very cheap to find a printing shop to print directly on a certain treasure.

When I spend some free time at home, the editor will go to the Internet to find some part-time jobs and earn a small amount of money to buy some clothes, which is actually pretty good. But the editor here reminds everyone that there are a lot of part-time advertisements on the Internet. Remember not to trust those projects with good benefits and quick wealth. Most of these are deceptive.

Online earning is divided into stable and high-risk types. I will only talk about the stable type. I will not say much about the high-risk type. If you want to invest, many friends will not make money but lose a lot. If someone can make money, it means that this project is profitable! However, this high risk is not explained and is not recommended.

One is to wait for you to collect all the required likes, and find that the rewards you get have shrunk when you redeem it; the other is to ask participants to provide their phone numbers and names and collect personal information when the business releases information. The criminals download your WeChat avatar, change your nickname to your name, block your Moments to prevent you from seeing it, play to earn 0 in e-commerce, and then pretend to be you and cheat your friends. No one can distinguish. "

Some friends I don’t know if they are clever or stupid. They keep everything they do. The same is true for websites. You work on your own and start websites after you get home. If you take this online earning behavior as a pastime, Xiao Su has no objection. , But some friends apparently regard this casual online earning behavior as a good opportunity to make big money, thinking that one day they will get rich overnight, even if they can't be rich, they can continue to do their job without any loss. That’s right, this idea is really perfect, but who can guarantee that you will have such opportunities for development. It’s good to think, but there is no return if you don’t pay? Thinking of doing it part-time can make money. If there is something good, who doesn’t Do it? Don’t always leave yourself too much back, because Wangzhuan is not easy at first. Wangzhuan forum Kuwang. Once there are other options, there will be very few webmasters I want to stick to. On the one hand It’s a stable job. What are the ways Bao Ma can make money? On the one hand, it’s a Taoist who has a small chance of getting rich. Which one would you choose? So it’s not a good thing to force yourself properly. Of course, we don’t develop like a ruin. Advocate, after all, there are many other livelihood opportunities besides online earning in life. Don’t put all of your belongings on this. After all, we still have a family and we still need to be responsible for a project that can’t see the future for a long time. I think everyone should give up.

That is to say, the two tasks are done together. Baidu Zhongtest can make about 3 yuan a day when hanging up. It is still very good in hanging up how to make money on youtube without adsprojects. The key is that this is Baidu's product, which is relatively safe and reliable. Do it with confidence.

In this era of rampant e-commerce, Taobao is really outdated without knowing it. Opening a Taobao store can be said to be free. The deposit can be refunded when you don’t open the store, but if you are out of stock, you often need to pay a sum Agency fees. I personally think that Taobao store is best as a way of sales. If you do not have a physical store and just do it through an agent, you will find that you will get tired later and most people will give up.